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This is an interim release and has not gone through a thorough QA process. However, it will be available for implementers to download and install for testing purposes. We will provide information about the serious bugs that are in 1.9.

Release Planning

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Upcoming Schedule

June 20-24: Scope Review meeting with Team Leads
June 27-July 1: Design Sprint
July 6-15: Development Sprint
July 18-22: Development Sprint
July 25-29: QA, fix blockers, Release 1.9

Some of the work to be considered:

Managing Controlled Lists
Advanced Search in Services (see design and scope discussions in CSPACE-3192)
• Add Managing Controlled Lists and Reporting to User Manual
• Provide Support to Implementers

Main Drivers

The key drivers for 1.9 are:

  • Adding UI support for administrative tasks reporting and controlled list management
  • Early support for advanced search

Summary of Work Completed

Release 1.9 Installation Instructions

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