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Important Note


This is an interim release and has not gone through a thorough QA process.  However, it will be available for implementers to download and install for testing purposes.  We will provide information about the serious bugs that are in 1.5.

Release Planning

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Upcoming Schedule

Feb 7 - 11 - Scope Review meeting with Team Leads.
Feb 14 - 18 - Design Sprint, it may last a week, it may be shorter
Feb 21 - 25 - Development Sprint
Feb 28 - March 8 - Development Sprint
March 9 - 15  - QA, fix blockers, release 1.5 at the end.

Some of the work to be considered:
  • Import/Export (3194)
  • UI and App work on Media Handling
  • One Structured Date top to bottom
  • Document How to use Import/Export
  • Update documentation in light of changes made in 1.4
  • Create a plan for automating/simplifying installation - dependent on getting farther on configuration work.

Media handling:
Media Handling Requirements - Release 1.5
Creation/update of the media record itself
Upload of a file or link to an outside file
Display of media record in right sidebar, secondary tab
Ensure linking media works the same as relating other records
Maybe in 1.5 - indicate that a media record is primary record for cataloging and other record types

Import Requirements for Release 1.5
Synchronous Loading all data and Asynch
We are currently planning to support CURL and App-layer initiated import
Import excel spreadsheet, vocabularies, etc

Out of Scope - Basic UI.  We will wait to see the progress of Asynchronous Import to see if UI is necessary.

Current debate: can our reporting functionality cover basic export needs?

  • What would it take for us to be an OAI PMH-compliant data provider?
  • Need sample OAI outputs from our implmenters (Walker, Herbaria)

Need greater definition here from Megan. Megan will come up with a generic case to start with - write user story
UI(question) or scheduler (question) to indicate what you want to export and what format it should come out as
Lower degree of reporting if all info comes from one record. Higher degree if have to do a join

Structured Dates top to bottom
Structured Date Requirements - Release 1.5
Aron and Rick will probably require App work. Will need guidance from UI and Chris.

messagekeys/"relabeling support"
Rick will work on as he has time and coordinate wtih Chris

Out of Scope
Bulk upload of multiple files + creation of media records
Display of multiple media records in right sidebar
Grouping records for export

Retirement of Mac x-server
Kasper will research

Main Drivers

Make it easy for implementers to import and export data.

Begin important Media Handling work.

Outcomes of Stand Up on 2/22


  • by second week getting a file for media handling working from top to bottom
  • Import - import one record type by second week

Penelope's departure

  • Penelope's last day is this Friday
  • MF to take over as interim PM after that (gone between 3/9-3/19)
  • One rotating member of the team will assist with general poking, note taking, etc.
  • Carly has been hired to help take on some of the admin burden from PM, MF, KM
  • We are searching for a part time PM to take us through the rest of the project; please let me know if you know anyone who would be interested/available/qualified


Resource Allocation


Allocation to CSpace

Design Sprint

Dev Sprint Week 1

Dev Sprint Week 2

Dev/QA Week 3
























































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Summary of Work Completed

Release 1.5 is an interim and internal release, so has not completed a full QA cycle, but is available to implementers for testing purposes as of 3/30/2011. The first iterations of media handling and export were implemented. Users may now create and edit a media handling record; upload of media will be included with Release 1.6. Documentation for export will be available on the project's documentation wiki. Secondary tabs for all procedures are now functional (newly added tabs include Acquisition, Loans In, Loans Out, and Intake), and additional repeatability functionality was added to the Cataloging procedure. A number of improvements were also made to CollectionSpace's roles and permissions.

Please see the 1.5 Dependencies for more information about the open source tools we use in CollectionSpace.

Release 1.5 Installation Instructions

Installing CollectionSpace

Supported Browsers for this release

Tier 1

  • Firefox 3.6 on XP, Windows 7, and Mac OS
  • Chrome on XP

Tier 2

  • IE 8 on XP and Win 7
  • IE 7 on XP
  • Safari on Mac OS