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Important Note


This is an interim release and has not gone through a thorough QA process.  However, it will be available for implementers to download and install for testing purposes.  We will provide information about the serious bugs that are in 1.4.

Release Planning

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Upcoming Schedule

Jan 10 - 14 - Scope Review meeting with Team Leads.
Jan 19 - 24 - Design Sprint, it may last a week, it may be shorter
Jan 24 - 28 - Development Sprint
Jan 31 - Feb 4 - Development Sprint
Feb 7 - Last day of coding
Feb 8- 11 - QA, run through each test in at least one browser, fix blockers, release 1.4 at the end.

Some of the work to be considered:
  • Refactor Services and App layer for upcoming work on Import/Export
  • Simplify how implementers of CollectionSpace configure CollectionSpace
  • Review Documentation for Accuracy after 1.4 changes
Main Drivers

Simplify how implementers of CollectionSpace configure CollectionSpace so that they do not need to modify core CollectionSpace code and rebuild the application.


Install trial version of Atlassian for the branch.

STIM Notes

The App Layer envisions Several XML files feeding into one default.xml.  Then that one file generates many other files that the application needs to effect the customizations.  As a starting point for this work, App will look at adding a field as the first pass.

The Design and Scope JIRA 3196 details what the Services needs from this work in the App Layer, and Patrick created detailed documentation on other areas in the Services that could be modified to this end.

The UI wants to focus on the work described in 3410. This will require considerable work from the App Layer.

Stand Up 2/1/2011
  • Everyone needs to estimate outstanding work before Thursday
  • Yura is ready to commit a patch for 3410, but it will break nightly, so needs to coordinate with Chris.
  • Richard is porting over tests for Import/Export work, and should be ready to talk to App by Thursday
  • Chris has questions for Services, and wants to know when Services can try out what she's built.
  • During QA we need to review documentation to see if it needs to be rewritten in light of the work completed in 1.4
Stand Up 2/3/2011
  • Richard's work will be integrated at the very beginning of 1.5
  • Will finish coding on end of day Monday

Summary of Work Completed

Release 1.4 is an interim and internal release, so has not completed a full QA cycle, but is available to implementers for testing purposes as of 2/11/2010. Configuration of CollectionSpace has been simplified, which means that there are fewer places for a user to touch in order to add a new field or make some other change. We are in the process of evaluating our documentation to identify where it needs to be rewritten to reflect the changes in 1.4.

Please see the 1.4 Dependencies for more information about the open source tools we use in CollectionSpace.

Supported Browsers for this release

Tier 1

  • Firefox 3.6 on XP, Windows 7, and Mac OS
  • Chrome on XP

Tier 2

  • IE 8 on XP and Win 7
  • IE 7 on XP
  • Safari on Mac OS