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Important Note


This release completed QA on Windows XP and Chrome and Firefox Browsers.  Additionally, limited testing was performed in Mac OS and Windows 7 on Chrome and Firefox Browsers.  This release is an excellent candidate for installation.

Release Planning

 Click the arrow to see the schedule we followed, meeting outcomes, drivers, etc.

Dec 9 - Scope Review at some point this week
Dec 13 - 17 - Bug fixing
Dec 20 - 24 - Bug fixing
Dec 27 - 31 - Toronto, Cambridge, and Berkeley on holiday
Jan 3 - 7 - Bug fixing
Jan 7 - Last coding date
Jan 10 - 18 - Full regression QA (17th was U.S. national holiday)
Jan 19 - 20- Prepare the code for Release
Jan 20 - Release 1.3 is available for download.

See below for a more detailed team schedule.


January 7 - last day of coding before QA

Main Drivers and Meetings
  • Fix 'popular' jiras - Jiras the team have identified as ones they think should be a high priority.
Scope Review OutcomesThe JIRAs that we will focus on are:
  • Work on 'Popular' Jiras - the ones the team identified as the ones they would like to get fixed.
  • Complete UI work on Roles and Permissions
  • Refactor the confirmation dialog in the UI
  • Some work on the right sidebar in the UI
  • Fix RefObj in Services, as well as a number of Jiras already targeted for 1.3

The only thing that Services will be working on that will impact the App layer is RefObj work.  Dan will be around next week (Dec 13 - 17) to respond to any breakage in the App layer.The UI will continue to receive help from Kasper during this sprint.  They will scope and target JIRAs for 1.3 around Dec 17 or Dec 20, as Michelle is working on her other project next week.Rick and Aron will finish up documenting How to Create a Procedure in all three layers, and Rick will also work on adding new fields in all three layers that Megan and Erin have identified in their clean up work on the schemas.

12/21 Stand Up
  • Dan won't be able to get to his JIRAs until Jan 7
  • Michelle will get rid of This Week In UI if no one is using it. If people are using it, then all UI contributors need to update their JIRAs with the tag for that filter.

Summary of Work Completed

The CollectionSpace team is pleased to announce the release of CollectionSpace 1.3, which is now available for Download. Since this release has completed a full QA cycle and is an excellent candidate for implementers to install, it is worth noting all the new features that have been added since 1.0. This new release builds on CollectionSpace 1.0 by adding the Object Exit procedure, new fields in the Cataloging procedure, repeatable fields and repeatable groups of fields, User Roles and Permissions, and many critical bugs. Additionally, developers will be able to take advantage of the integration with Jasper Reports to write CollectionSpace reports. In the future, report generation will be integrated with the UI to make it easy for users to run reports. Jasper Reports, the reporting engine, is included in the CollectionSpace download, and you will need to download Jasper iReport, the authoring tool, to your PC. Please see our Documentation for more information about how to use these features.

Please see the 1.3 Dependencies for more information about the open source tools we use in CollectionSpace.

Supported Browsers for this release

Tier 1

  • Firefox 3.6 on XP
  • Chrome on XP

Tier 2

  • Firefox 3.6 on Mac OS and Win 7
  • IE 8 on XP and Win 7
  • IE 7 on XP
  • Safari on Mac OS

CollectionSpace 1.3 Documentation

Release 1.3 Documentation including Installation Instructions, User Manual, Supported Environments, etc.