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Release 1.13 was focused on bug fixing and creating a stable 2.0 release candidate. As such, 1.13 will not be released to the public. Please install the stable candidate Release 2.0 instead.

Release Planning

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Upcoming Schedule

October 24-28: Design Sprint - bug review and prioritization by Team Leads
October 31-November 4: Development Sprint
November 7-11: Development Sprint
November 14-18: Nuxeo Upgrade + Development
November 21-25: Nuxeo Upgrade + Development
November 28-December 2: Nuxeo Upgrade + Development
December 5-9: Full Regression QA
December 12-16: Stable release candidate (see Release 2.0)

Some of the work to be considered:

• Upgrade to Nuxeo 4.5.3 (or most recent stable version)
• Completion of JBoss/Tomcat work
• New functionality: Repeatable sub-fields (CSPACE-4318)
• Functionality finishing: Structured dates (CSPACE-3943, CSPACE-4347, and CSPACE-3937,)
• Functionality finishing: Term List Requirements for 1.13
• Bug fixing pushed from Release 1.12

Main Drivers

The key drivers for 1.13 are:

Upgrade to Nuxeo 4.5.3
Complete JBoss/Tomcat work
Add final new functionality for Release 2.0
Full regression testing and preparation for Release 2.0 RC

Summary of Work Completed

Release 1.13 Installation Instructions

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