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Important Note


Given the scope of the work completed in 1.1 was mostly infrastructure, we will not release 1.1 to implementers.

Upcoming Schedule

9/27 - 10/1 Megan will talk to implementers about Vocabularies and Authorities.
10/6 - 10/8 Scope Review meeting with Team Leads will happen at some point during this time.
10/11 - Design Sprint, it may last a week, it may be shorter
10/18 - Development Sprint for 1 - 2 days, then All Hands
10/26 - 11/12 - Development Sprint - the goal is to release 1.1 alpha at the end. Scope Review happens during this period for the next design sprint.

Work to be considered for the first design sprint:

 Work Considered

Repeatability roll out

Complete all field and group level repeatability will be implemented.  

Enforcing Roles and Permissions

Roles and Permissions Requirements - Release 1.x

Vocabularies - Relationships

Vocabulary Requirements - Release 1.x

Getting UI testing working in DOJO robot

Complete performance testing, review resulting reports, log resulting Jiras

Scope Review Meeting

 Outcomes of Scope Review Meeting
  • Repeatability - Rick will tackle all of this. It may take longer than the initial sprint to complete, but is a task that is easily sectioned off from everything else the team will be working on and could be spread out over a couple of sprints. He will need to coordinate with Michelle and Chris to review his code in order to it to be committed to the trunk.
  • Roles and Permissions - Megan will walk the UI, App, and Services through her work flow document in detail so each layer understands how it impacts them, and UI can ask Services what they can expect since some functionality isn't currently working. This meeting will be Wednesday 10/13 8 - 10Pacific/11 - 1 Eastern/4 - 6 BST.
  • Performance testing across Services and App - because of the Nuxeo upgrade, Kasper needs to redo the small data test he already performed. He will do the medium and large sets of data. Then the Services and App team can review the resulting reports and determine what course of action is appropriate.
  • Dojo Robot automating some/most QA testing - Jesse has been working on this. Once some domain issues are resolved, Jesse and Kasper should be able to make more progress.

The Work Completed in this Sprint

Roles and Permission Infrastructure. There is still work to be done to get Roles and Permissions enforcement displaying in the UI.
Repeatable Groups:

  • Intake: Current location group (Current location, Current location fitness (controlled list), Current location note)
  • Organization: Main body group (longName (aka Main Body), shortName, nameAdditions)
  • Loan Out: Loan out status group (Loaned object status (controlled text), Loaned object status date (calendar date), Loaned object status note)
  • Loan In: Lender group (Lender, Lender's authorizer, Lender's authorization date, Lender's contact)

Given the scope of the work completed in 1.1 was mostly infrastructure, we will not release 1.1 to implementers.