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General Information:

General information about Quality Assurance in CollectionSpace:

Software Release Information:

Get Involved:

In periods up to a release, we have code freeze and everyone participates in the testing. It is very easy to help out:

  • Go to the task list of the upcoming release
  • Add yourself on the page (instructions on the task list), and drag a task you want to help out with to your list
  • Follow the test plan for that task (for more details see how to follow a test-plan)
  • if you do not already have a JIRA-account, sign up for one
  • if you encounter a bug, check if it already exists, and if not File a JIRA

While you are testing, please keep this in mind:

  • A testplan is a minimum of testing, any testing/experiments extending this is much welcome
  • Does everything (visually) look right? (if not, consider this a bug)
  • Is there anything that would enhance the user experience? (if yes, consider this a bug)
  • Is there anything that should be tested, but which is not? (if yes, either file a bug for this, or please give suggestions to add to the test plan)

Testing and Test Plans:

Depending on what state of the code you need to test, there are three relevant servers: holds the latest PUBLIC release, is incrementally  updated with (semi-stable) functionality for the upcoming release, holds a nightly build of the very newest code and is considered unstable and unfinished.

Bugs / JIRA:

CollectionSpace uses Atlassian's JIRA tool to keep track of bugs. The complete list of bugs can be found here:

Scripts and Utilities

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