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Chat Logs

08:42 PM atspin: ok we can go take a look at 5060
09:05 PM Jesse Martinez: I have some styling fixes that could help with 5060
09:59 PM Yura Zenevich: thanks Patrick
11:11 PM Yura Zenevich: thanks
11:25 PM atspin: makes sense
13:11 PM Aron Roberts:
- A couple of missing repeatable groups in Concept, additionalSource
and Citation - present in Rick's work, not present in the current UI
uischemas/uispecs, that need to be added to the latter.
13:37 PM Yura Zenevich: Aron, do you know if that's on the jira somewhere?
13:50 PM Yura Zenevich: 5060 is good , or a subtask
13:54 PM Yura Zenevich: if you want to open a new one
16:15 PM Aron Roberts: Thanks, Jesse - styling improvements for the repeatable term block would be welcome.
16:25 PM Carly Bogen: yes
16:26 PM Aron Roberts: yes
16:41 PM Patrick Schmitz: Yes, we're just about done.
19:21 PM Patrick Schmitz: We do need to think about filtering 2.5 bugs - I have asked ChrisH to look at them, and we (UCB) will take a look on Thursday.

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