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The CollectionSpace project team manages a project Maven repository, managed by a JFrog Artifactory Repository Manager server. This repository is used to publish some of the CollectionSpace project's build artifacts (e.g. POM and JAR files), as well as to cache similar build artifacts, such as artifacts from third party libraries on which the project's source code depends.


Browsing the project Maven repository

You can use Artifactory's GUI interface to interactively browser the project Maven repository at this URL:

Retrieving artifacts from the project Maven repository

When working on your own software projects, if you wish to use CollectionSpace code, you can add the following entries to your project's Maven POM files, to specify that you wish to retrieve artifacts from CollectionSpace's project Maven repository:

(These repository settings are already present in the Maven POM files in the source code tree that is used to build the CollectionSpace Services Layer.)

Stopping and starting the project Maven repository server

The project Maven repository is hosted on (a hostname alias for

When logged in on the host, you can stop or start the server that manages the project maven repository via the following commands:

  • To stop the Artifactory service:

  • To start the Artifactory service:

You can find more details on starting, stopping and viewing the status of an Artifactory server on a Unix-like system via this JFrog wiki page on Installing on Un*x.

Server installation details and log files

Artifactory is installed in the following directory:

  • /home/artifactory/artifactory

Some of its contents are made available via symlinks, which point to various subdirectories of:

  • /etc/opt/jfrog/artifactory

The server's log files can be found in both of the following directories

  • /home/artifactory/artifactory/logs

The server's backup files

  • /home/artifactory/artifactory/backup