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Approving New Committers

  1. Aspiring committers will need to earn the trust of the community by participating in our discussions and submitting clear, well-written patches for review.
  2. A potential new committer is nominated by a member of the community, which is done publically on the CollectionSpace Work email list.
  3. Current Committers respond on the Work list with their votes. As long as there is at least one 'yes' or '+1' vote and no 'no' or '-1' votes, the prospective committer is approved.
  4. Not everyone is required to vote, but if you know the nominee's work and code, you are encouraged to vote. Non-votes will be treated as 0.
  5. If a nomination is denied, a member of the committers group will provide an explanation and coach the candidate on how they may earn commit access in the future.
  6. If the committer is accepted, they will be given write (commit) access to the relevant project source code repositories.

Responsibilities of Commit Access

Commit access to the CollectionSpace repository is a responsibility. Committers agree to:

  • Coordinate and remain in close contact with other developers on the CollectionSpace project to ensure your work fits in with the design and architectural philosophy and is beneficial to CollectionSpace.
  • Remain subscribed to the Work mailing list, review the wiki release pages, and participate in Stand Up at least three times a month.
  • Communicate their progress, designs, and intentions publicly to the Work mailing list.
  • Review and comment constructively on code in your area of expertise.
  • Vote on new committers whose work your are familiar with.

Committer Emeritus

Committers sometimes become inactive for a variety of reasons. To keep the repository secure and to simplify commit access-related processes, inactive committers are given the status of Committer Emeritus. Committer emeriti no longer have write (commit) access to the relevant project source code repositories and are not expected to participate in community governance issues. However, if a commiter emeritus returns to the project at a later date and asks for commit access, they can be reinstated without a vote. Committer emeriti are listed on the committer's list as such.

Committers become emeriti either:

  • When they request committer emeritus status
  • After six months of inactivity
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