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3 August 2016

Normal Drydock update + Review of Atimba UX report

Notes from UX report review - updated 5 Aug with notes from clarifying conversation with Tim

List of recommended improvements

1 - Make save sticky - agreed

2 - Enable search to find a field name; above and beyond Ctrl-F? Contextual help + training on browser functions

3 - Need elaboration - what type of iconography, what's the desired outcome? Design may be too minimal, need icons like a magnifying glass on search to assist wayfinding. Top three recommended are search, ? for help, and perhaps a gear for settings.

4 - Reporting, agreed that this should be integrated into the UI. Phase I: parameters allowed; Phase II: Ad hoc by procedure; Phase III: Ad hoc across procedures

5 - Context sensitive help - agreed that it would be useful, MF to create JIRA re: how to do this, via message bundle strings? 

Interview highlights

Atimba to clarify:

On navigating: tables within records? Clarification - ability to order multi-valued fields

On help: please expand on "autocomplete can be a pain" Clarification - seems to have more to do with dirty data than autocomplete functionality. Implementation of better pop-ups, inactivate authority terms across the applications, and training on roles/permissions would be good.

Overall look and feel: re search results, what is the user not getting above the fold?


Audit: MF to create/collate JIRAS around audit. JIRA history a decent model. 

Primary images: MF to create/collate JIRAS around ordering relationships in the media tab

Roles and permissions: MF to create/collate JIRAS around field-level and record-level permissions

Templates: MF to create/collates JIRAS around template-level permissions and return to/sticky template view

User Screenshots

From Atimba, need more description on:

  • Multiple object IDs can be useful (other number insufficient?) - this was a positive, good to have repeatable other numbers
  • What parameters for validation on new vocabulary terms? - see previous note, agreed that permissions should be used more extensively
  • Specific limitations of find/edit on groups? - MF to follow up with Nathan Kerr; OMCA uses groups extensively
  • Skipping the dropdown in Advanced Search - All Records - what does this one mean? - Not heavily used, many skip it. No action required.
  • Right column is useful as long as term name is populated - not totally sure what this one means, referring specifically to vocab terms or just any of the blank spaces? It appears that some orgs have made fields that feed the sidebar not required, so you can have a totally blank line. Training + ability to change what shows on right sidebar + some kind of prompt to fill in that data?
  • Confirmation modal - save vs. hard save - what's the issue? - Training issue / need better help
  • Advanced search, very long dropdown - any recommendations? - Either put into one long list or put headers for Procedures / Vocabularies


Field in right sidebar to be front-end field, not back end field. Same request for term list names in term list management.

Discussion re: fewer tabs, how could we limit?

  • First step: replace tabs with dropdown. Selecting procedure via dropdown creates/opens 2ndary tab. On reload of record, 2 options: no tabs appear, must be selected again via dropdown, or all tabs with related records appear by default.
  • Second step: Rather than having tabs appear or not by default, CSpace remembers what tabs a user had open the last time she viewed a record. 
  • Note: also need a way to remove tabs if we're going to give the users options about which tabs they want to see, rather than defaulting to those w/related records.

Design components

Atimba questions:

Toggle of autocomplete: what would happen if it were toggled off? - see above note

6 July 2016

REM working on getting shared authorities up and running for materials profile testing. Some bugs to fix.

v4.5 Ideas

  • End user test automation from the beginning
  • Research project: how can we eliminate the app layer?
  • v2 of shared authority service + inactivate
  • Profiles: Anthropology, Bot Garden
  • Mark Cooper: data migration tool, poss. public browser
  • Simplification of report writing? Webapps + data denormalization
  • Documentation: how to upgrade (Mark to pick Ray's brain + write docs), continue Susan & Glen work

Question for Ray: how much of the profile work can be carried over to the new UI? What types of improvements/additions/bug fixes in general should we focus or deter focus on?

1 July 2016

UI Re-write Kickoff Meeting

Procedural questions:

Should we start a new project in JIRA? Yes. REM to do that, will figure out a project name. (MF submission: Project Dark Crystal)

How should we organize GitHub? There will be a lot of projects/repositories because there will be a lot of modules - there could be 10 projects. Should we create a new organization? No. Let's start with them in our same organization, and if it becomes too unwieldy we'll fork them out to a new org.

RHL: Work will be a number of JS modules. Will be on MPM (Maven for JS). Want to name them there with a CSpace-prefix. In GitHub, people use the same name they do in MPM, with a JS-suffix added. Might end up with a bunch of stuff in GitHub that is CSpace-something-JS. REM: that's ok / good. Will remind us in the future that that's a UI re-write module.

RHL: Would like to create accounts on other cloud services that would be useful: Travis CI (cloud CI connected to GitHub), Sauce / SauceLabs (cloud for testing different combinations of browsers / operating systems, hooks in w/Travis), Coveralls (cloud for test coverage analysis, hooks into Travis). RHL to sign up for accounts, using as the default admin email, will include Richard as admin as possible.

MF to make sure our currently supported browser list is updated & correct. RHL: do we want to add support for Edge and Safari on IOS and Chrome on Android? Yes, we should as Tier 2. REM: Can we do browser detection and put up a warning if someone's using an unsupported browser? RHL: Yes.

RHL: How do we keep the community updated & engaged, get feedback as needed. Blog would be good - REM to look at Confluence blog, WP would also work. Could push Confluence RSS to WP. REM: Also good to add an FAQ - why are we doing this, what are the implications for upgrading, etc.

REM: What about the JIRA/Agile sprint system? Yes will use, easier for REM and MF to see what's happening / what's planned. 2-week periods are good, will track with the v4.5 sprint dates. 

MF: Planning anything like interim releases? RHL: Yes. There will be a period of no releases, and then will be a time when there are releases for testing, and then the big release where everything is put together. Still planning on a major release where they run in tandem and then the next where the new UI replaced old.

Will still plan on weekly meetings, stick to process for first half with MF, then on to tech for second half with REM & RHL.




29 June 2016

Progress on v4.4: 

All workflow state permutations are activated

     Why do we have deprecated_deleted? So that if you "un"delete, it will come back as deprecated

     When you have states that can coexist with other workflows states, are they really workflow states or document states?

     Let's continue to think about this. Is there an alternative to the "underscore" states/states that are nonexclusive?

     When we write release notes for this feature, we talk about what the next version will include & what folks should rely on. This is beta release of shared authority service.

Post meeting note: decided to enable inactivate in materials profile only for testing/beta.

REM ok w/existing tasks, some bug-like ones might happen after code freeze

Kickoff for UI code re-write scheduled for 7/1 at 11am PT / 2pm ET

To do's:

  • REM to restart nightly 
  • RHL to add JIRA for adding local terms alongside terms with a workflow state of replicated, link to com.atlassian.confluence.macro.MacroExecutionException: No appropriate protocol (protocol is disabled or cipher suites are inappropriate)
  • MF to get communities to evaluate profiles before official start of QA
  • MF to finish testing page & send out warning note



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