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The management and documentation of objects leaving the organization's premises.

Subset: Deaccession and disposal

The management of disposal (the transfer, or destruction of objects) and of deaccession (the formal sanctioning and documenting of the disposal).


  • Ensure that legal requirements and the organization's policy are fulfilled when objects leave its premises;
  • Ensure that the organization is able to account for the exit of all objects from its premises,
    including those which have been deposited as offers or for identification or loaned;
  • Ensure that location information for accessioned objects leaving the organization's premises is maintained;
  • Ensure that all objects leave with appropriate authorization;
  • Ensure that a signature of acceptance from the recipient is always obtained when transferring custody of an object between parties. Where the first recipient is a courier it may also be necessary to get a signature from the person or organization to which it is being delivered.

Deaccession requirements:

  • Ensure that the decision to dispose is carefully considered and that all relevant evidence and opinions are sought according to the organization's policy;
  • Ensure that all relevant evidence and opinions are sought according to statutory legal requirements;
  • Ensure that the organization makes every effort to determine title to objects involved and that they are free from relevant special conditions attached to the original acquisition;
  • Ensure that the decision to dispose does not rest with an individual and the action is formally approved by a governing body;
  • Ensure that preference for transfer be given to recognized organizations (e.g. Accredited museums in the UK);
  • Ensure that title to the object is transferred to any receiving organization;
  • Ensure that objects disposed of are marked as such on the accession register;
  • Ensure that items to be destroyed are disposed of in a responsible manner (e.g. unwanted archaeological material will not mislead future archaeologists);
  • Ensure that all decisions and actions are fully documented.

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Spectrum: Object Exit




Object Exit Schema

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Definition and requirements from:
Spectrum Version 3.1
Created and Maintained by CollectionsTrust

1 Comment

  1. In our work as implementers here at the SMK we found it necessary to make a revision check and comparison of the functional requirements, the schemas, the wireframes, and the current version 1.0 alpha. The purpose of this work was to establish any discrepancies and inconsistencies in the implementation of CollectionSpace programme regarding the eight core procedures of version 1.

    For Object Exit we have the following comments:

    Regarding the wireframe:

    The Exit date should not be repeatable.

    The Exit method should be repeatable.

    The second Exit reason should be labelled Packing note.

    Regarding the CS version 1.0 alpha:

    This whole procedure is still missing.