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The management and documentation of the receipt of objects and associated information which are not currently part of the collections. Any object which does not currently have an object number assigned by the receiving organization must be dealt with within this procedure.


The procedure for managing and documenting object entry must:

  • Establish the terms and conditions under which objects are being received for deposit;
  • Uniquely identify the newly received object or associated group of objects;
  • Ensure the organisation is able to account for all objects left in its care;
  • Provide a receipt for the owner or depositor;
  • Help establish the extent of the organisation's liability;
  • Indicate the reason for the receipt of the object;
  • Determine a finite end to, or programme for review of, the deposit;
  • Enable the object to be returned to the owner or depositor as required;
  • Allow for objects and associated records to be checked on entry to ensure that they correspond
    to any accompanying inventory and/or transfer of title documentation supplied;
  • Establish who has legal title to the object in case of subsequent acquisition;
  • Capture key information about the object, to be augmented in the future;
  • Inform the decision making-process.

Standards, Guidelines, and Use Cases

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Object Entry Visualization from the CIDOC CRM:


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Definition and requirements from:
Spectrum Version 3.1
Created and Maintained by CollectionsTrust

1 Comment

  1. In our work as implementers here at the SMK we found it necessary to make a revision check and comparison of the functional requirements, the schemas, the wireframes, and the current version 1.0 alpha. The purpose of this work was to establish any discrepancies and inconsistencies in the implementation of CollectionSpace programme regarding the eight core procedures of version 1.

    For Object Entry we have the following comments:

    Regarding requirements:

    These requirements are not met in the schema or elsewhere:

    • Provide a receipt for the owner or depositor
    • Inform the decision making-process

    Regarding the schema:

    Are data from Location information, Condition information, Valuation information and Insurance information inherited from the intake record to the cataloguing record (here related via the tab structure) and vice versa?

    Regarding CS version 1.0 alpha:

    Generally we find that the strong graphic design of the wireframes is lost in the present version 1.0 alpha.