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Nuxeo Platform and CollectionSpace

Benefits of using Nuxeo EP
  1. RM: Nuxeo provides a model for structured schema-based data (what they call "content objects" or "documents"). The following features are inherent and integrated parts of Nuxeo "content objects":
    • versioning support
    • a simple and fine grain caching model (includes lazy loading features)
    • support for indexing and searching (storage independent query language)
    • state management ("life cycle") management
    • support for workflow around "content objects"
    • event triggers and rule engine support (for managing business behaviors/models) on "content objects"
  2. RM: Nuxeo provides a default security (auth-n and auth-z) model and implementation.
  3. RM: OSGi support for RCP like Eclipse
Concerns and Issues of using Nuxeo EP
  1. RM: Much of the developer documentation is often awkwardly written and sometimes difficult to understand.
  2. RM: There appears to be few (if any) projects that are using Nuxeo Platform in a manner similar to how the CollectionSpace Services team expects to use it.
  3. RM: Nuxeo Core API requires/uses EJB3 -this can be a blessing or a curse depending on our specific implementation of the services.
  4. SD: Multi-tenancy: Like any other typcial enterprise software, Nuxeo is not built ground up keeping multi-tenant deployment in consideration. We have listed issues and concerns regarding supporting multi-tenancy as listed below.

Nuxeo Evaluation Issues and Comments







  • As of release 5.2, Nuxeo's query API (NXQL) does not support search for complex schema types. Unfortunately, this means to use NXQL, all of our schemas need to be "flat."

Building Nuxeo from source

Follow the instructions provided on the "How to" page.