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Current (Q1 CY2016) Membership Categories and Fees


Operating Budget

Annual Fee


< $250,000



$250,000 - $1 million



$1 million - $5 million



$5 million - $10 million



$10 million - $25 million



> $25 million


Current operating principles

  • The director or equivalent administrator of each Member will have the right to vote on behalf of the Member. Each Member is entitled to one vote in issues coming before the Membership. The manner of voting on any question before the Members will be by ballot either in person or by electronic means. The voting timeframe for electronic ballots will not be less than seven days. A majority of Members voting will decide questions brought before the Members.

  • The Leadership Working Group will consist of eight voting Members, six of whom will be elected by the Membership and from among the leadership levels of Member organizations. The Leadership Working Group will be comprised of:

    • Not less than 1 representative from the combined 3 smallest membership categories (xsmall, vsmall, small)

    • Not less than 1 representative from each of the following categories: medium, large, xlarge

    • Not more than 2 seats from any category and based on an institution's ability to contribute to the ongoing success of CollectionSpace regardless of size

    • The other two voting members of the LWG will be the executive director of LYRASIS and a Trustee appointed by the LYRASIS Board. The program director of the Org Home will be an ex officio, non-voting member of the LWG
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