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Documenting and managing the loan of objects to other organizations or individuals for a specific period of time and for a specific purpose, normally exhibition/display, but including research, conservation, photography and education.


  • Ensure that all loan requests are assessed according to the organization's policy;
  • Ensure that there are written agreements signed by both borrower and lender before the loan commences;
  • Ensure that the loan is for a finite period;
  • Ensure that the organization retains a record of all loans, including details of the borrower, the venues, the loan period and the purpose of the loan;
  • Enable effective control of the loan process;
  • Ensure that the borrower confirms their intent and ability to provide an acceptable level of care, security and safekeeping for the object and to conform to the conditions of loan specified;
  • Ensure that the loaned objects are covered by insurance or indemnity as appropriate for the duration of the loan period.

Standards, Guidelines + Use Cases

Use Cases and Community Design Workshop Notes

AMNH Paleo Portal: Lending

CHIN Humanities Data Dictionary: Loans

Matters in Media Art: Loans

Spectrum 3.1: Loans Out


Service Descriptions


Loans Out Schema

User Story Summaries

Definition and requirements from:
Spectrum Version 3.1
Created and Maintained by CollectionsTrust

1 Comment

  1. In our work as implementers here at the SMK we found it necessary to make a revision check and comparison of the functional requirements, the schemas, the wireframes, and the current version 1.0 alpha. The purpose of this work was to establish any discrepancies and inconsistencies in the implementation of CollectionSpace programme regarding the eight core procedures of version 1.

    For Loans Out we have the following comments:

    Regarding the schema:

    There is a small discrepancy in how the borrower and borrower's contact are related and the similar connection between lender's authorizer, authorization date, and lender's contact.

    Regarding the wireframe:

    On the schema page it is stated that the sub-loan schema should be available in both the primary loan tab, and also on per-object basis. How will this functionality be? And how will it look?

    Regarding the CS version 1.0 alpha:

    Generally we find that the strong graphic design of the wireframes is lost in the present version 1.0 alpha.