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CollectionSpace is using an issue tracker, managed by Atlassian's JIRA software, to track and manage a variety of issues and planned work, such as bug reports, project issues, and tasks.
  • You are invited to browse the CollectionSpace issue tracker at
  • You can also comment on issues or create new issues, such as to report a bug or request a new feature. To do so, please create an account on the issue tracker system (free, easy, and quick)!

Practices Related to Issue Tracking

An initial description of how we will be using JIRA, from Megan's 2009-02-19 note to the Work mailing list.

Some helpful suggestions around committing code, in the form of a tutorial from the T2 open source project, via Patrick's 2009-06-18 note to the SOA-Tech mailing list.

Quality Assurance Best Practices Overview

Starting and Stopping the JIRA Issue Tracking Server

To start or stop the JIRA issue tracking server:

Access to this function requires a shell account on the server host, in addition to sudo access.