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Brief Description

The ID Service provides utility services around identifiers (IDs), the compound strings that are used to identify many of the entities throughout the CollectionSpace system. Generates new IDs. Stores and manages ID Patterns, which are used to generate and validate IDs conforming to those patterns.


The ID Service is complete for the project's Hello Mars (release 0.2) milestone.

The service is complete for the project's Hello Venus (release 0.3) milestone.

The service may require redesign and internal refactoring for releases 0.4 and beyond. Several service documents here on the wiki are stubbed or out of date, and require updating.

ID Service Documentation

Description and Assumptions
Contract Description
ID Types
ID Generation Scenarios
Algorithms for the Default ID Generator Engine
Binding an ID Field to an ID Generator Instance
Design Overview
Entity Diagrams
Implementation Plan
Test Plan
Configuration Guide
Current Status

Description and Assumptions - Interim Notes
Temporary holding place for notes on the ID Service until the Description and Assumptions page is unfrozen, following its 2009 review


While in active development, fill in the following roles:

Primary Specification contacts:


Primary Domain experts:


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