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Get Involved:

It is always helpful to have contributions to the project in the form of bug-fixes. And a good way to get involved is to contribute with this.

The source code repository can be found at (more info on Source Code Repository). To be able to test your bug fix, you can make a local install by following the instructions on the Release 0.6 Quick Installation Instructions page.

Below you will find instructions on how to submit a bug-fix to CollectionSpace.

Quick start:

  • Fix the bug
  • Create a patch
  • Attach patch to the bug (JIRA issue), and mark resolved
  • Your patch will be reviewed and applied if it fixes the bug
  • The JIRA will be closed by the reviewer

What bug to fix

CollectionSpace use Atlassians JIRA tool to keep track of the bugs. To see the current issues with CollectionSpace refer to The issues will generally be named something like CSPACE-XXXX where XXXX is some number. For the rest of this page we will use CSPACE-1382 as an example.

How to create a patch

After you believe you have fixed a bug you need to create a patch.

Assume Original source code at folder orig01, and latest source code at folder new01. And the folders contain multiple sub directories.

This will create a patch called patch-CSPACE-1382.patch

Submitting the patch

To submit the patch:

  • go to (substitute 1382 with the number of the bug you fixed).
  • Click the "Attach File to this issue" link in the left menu
  • Click the "Browse" button and find the patch on your computer
  • Write a comment to describe what the attached patch does
  • Click the "Attach" button
  • Next, click the "Resolve issue" link in the left menu
  • Select "Fixed" from the Resolution select box
  • Select the version of CollectionSpace for which you wrote the patch
  • Make sure you note (besides any relevant comments) in the "Comments" field, that the patch has been attached to the issue.

And that is it. A developer from CollectionSpace will review the patch, and if it does indeed fix the bug, apply it to the CollectionSpace code and close the issue.

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