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How to follow a testplan

Following a testplan is very simple. Like if you were following a recipe, each step you have to do is specified for you, and if there is something you should expect to see, this is specified too.

A testplan consists of several tests (marked by a bold header). For each of these tests, simply follow the instructions one by one until you are done. 

While you are testing, please keep this in mind:

  • A testplan is a minimum of testing, any testing/experiments extending this is much welcome
  • Does everything (visually) look right? (if not, consider this a bug)
  • Is there anything that would enhance the user experience? (if yes, consider this a bug)
  • Is there anything that should be tested, but which is not? (see what to do further down on this page)

There are several issues you might encounter when going through the test plan, a short list is given below, and a detailed description on how to act is given further down on this page.

  • You might encounter a bug in Collectionspace -- file a JIRA
  • You might encounter errors/inconsistences in test plan -- send email suggesting changes to test plan
  • You might encounter duplicate tests -- send email for clarification that it is a duplicate test before deleting
  • You might notice that some functionality is not being tested -- send email suggesting that the functionality needs to be tested and added to test plan

If you encounter a bug

When running through a testplan you might encounter a bug: A situation in which the program is not behaving as desired - what the test tells you to expect does not correspond to what you see. Notice that it is also considered a bug if something is visually wrong, and if there is anything that would enhance the user experience, which is not present.

If you find a bug while testing, you should:

  • Check that a jira is not already filed for the bug
  • If a JIRA has already been filed, but you have something to add to it, do it
  • If a JIRA does not exist, file a new JIRA.

The instructions on how to file a JIRA can be found on this page: Guidelines for filing a JIRA bug report

What to do if you encounter inconsistencies/errors in test plan

When finding inconsistencies in testplan: correct it! (or ask if you are in doubt).

CollectionSpace is in rapid development and it is hard to keep the testplans up to date at all times. Therefore, you might encounter inconsistencies or errors in the testplans. This could be due to changes in CollectionSpace since testplan was written, or that your beloved QA lead messed up when writing the testplan.

It is easy to ignore errors/inconsistencies, but keep in mind that there will be other people following the same testplan, who might be confused by these inconsistencies. If everyone make sure to update every error they see, it will make it easier to test for everyone.

If in doubt whether the inconsistency/error might be a bug in collectionspace, you can ask on either the Mailing Lists, or IRC Channel

What to do if something is missing from the testplan

If while following a testplan, you notice that part of the functionality is not properly tested, or that you in any way feel that one or more extra tests are needed to ensure that CollectionSpace is doing what it is supposed - Add it! It is straightforward to add a new test, and the improved quality of collectionspace is worth the effort. Please send email to Mailing Lists notifying everyone of your changes.

It is very simple to add a test:

  • edit the test plan you're looking at, by clicking the edit button under "Page Operations"
  • in the place in the testplan which you find appropriate
  • make a descriptive title for the test
  • make a precise description of the steps it take to do the test
  • make a precise description of what to expect from CollectionSpace
  • save the page

And you're done!

In some cases, special functionality that are common to several pages are tested in test plans seperate from that page. Before adding a test, it might be a good idea to skim the QA Test plans - Listing to see if any of the other test plans might cover the functionality.

As a help on how to write test plans and what to test for, you can consult this page: General Guidelines for QA Test Writing for the UI

What if you notice duplicate tests

If you notice that there are several tests testing the exact same thing, and know there is no way the results from these tests could be different (ie. it would be sufficient with one of the test) you can delete one of them to avoid duplicate testing. But please make very sure that this is indeed a duplication, and that there is no way the two tests could produce different outputs. Better safe than sorry!


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