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Get Involved!

CollectionSpace is a community-driven effort and a collaborative development environment. There are many ways to get involved, including:

  • Serving as a subject-matter expert for requirements building
  • Evaluating the usability and accessibility of the software
  • Installing and testing the software at your home institution
  • Submitting feature suggestions and bug reports
  • Writing and editing documentation
  • Engaging project team and community members in discussions about any of the above, via email or chat
  • Contributing development resources

If you have any questions about how you can contribute to CollectionSpace, please contact Megan Forbes, CollectionSpace Community Support and Outreach Manager.

Keep Up and Participate via Mailing Lists

CollectionSpace has two main public mailing lists:

  • Announcements (low volume, for major announcements)
  • Talk (typically moderate volume, for major announcements and community discussions, including peer-to-peer help, advice and troubleshooting)
    Tip: If you sign up for only one CollectionSpace list, the Talk list is the one to join!

Visit the mailing lists page to learn more and to sign up!

Submit Your Feature Suggestions and Bug Reports

CollectionSpace maintains a publicly viewable issue tracking system. Create an account to submit your own feature suggestions and bug reports!

Write and Edit Documentation

CollectionSpace project maintains several wikis, including wikis for CollectionSpace documentation. Create an account to update existing wiki pages or create new pages of your own!

Chat With Others on the IRC Channel

CollectionSpace uses an IRC channel for collaborative discussions. You are invited to join the channel and participate in the discussions!

Learn more about the CollectionSpace program's history

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