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The Functional Working Group consists of (up to) six museum professionals using CollectionSpace, chaired by the Community Outreach and Support Manager. The Working Group meets four times per year, in order to advise on user recommended enhancements, maintain liaisons with the museum community, and recommend design and delivery of organizational home services, documentation, ad support resources. Responsibilities include:

  • Receive, suggest, discuss, and vote on ideas for software enhancements, which are forwarded to the Technical Committee for definition and requirements, then to the Leadership Committee for approval and prioritization.
  • Work with code contributors and others to properly describe/specify proposed end-user functionality, and vet proposed contributions for adherence to museum standards and domain-specific guidelines.
  • Review and, as appropriate, test draft end-user documentation.
  • Assist in review and testing of the UI and end-user functionality.
  • Identify potential integrations with other software and specify how such integrations could work.
  • Identify trends in the broader market that will enhance usability, such as community annotation, social media integration, linked open data, etc.
  • Maintain liaison with the museum community through conferences and events.
  • Advise LYRASIS on the design and delivery of services, such as help desk processes, technical support, documentation, training, migration, hosting, etc.

FY18 Membership

  • Michael Black, Head of Research and Information Systems, Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology

  • Megan Forbes, Community Outreach and Support Manager, LYRASIS
  • Jannette Reichel, Collections Manager, Museum of the Moving Image 
  • William Wolf, Independent Consultant
  • Jadeen Young, Associate Registrar, Oakland Museum of California

Initial Meeting - 11 February 2015 - 08:00PT/11:00ET/17:00CET

The initial meeting of the CollectionSpace Functional Working Group is scheduled to take place on Wednesday, February 11th at 11:00ET.  During the initial meeting, the working group will establish a set of guiding principles for itself. The working group may also nominate additional members as well as afford any initial member the opportunity to nominate a replacement for themselves should they be unable or unwilling to stay an active member.

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