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The documentation and management of information about time-bound instances, such as exhibitions, archaeological expeditions, performances, etc.

Note: some events, especially those with historical significance (e.g. the Battle of Agincourt or the American Civil War), may also be managed using the subject authority.


  • Allow users to compile authorized terms or headings used by a single organization or consortium in cataloging, indexing, or documentation (CDWA)
  • Establish the preferred name for an event.
  • Allow for the management of synonyms and related terms, including non-hierarchical "associative relationships" among authorities
  • Enable term control in intake records, object records, and other authorities
  • The authority should be compliant with ISO and NISO standards for thesauri (CDWA)
  • Allow users to create multiple instances of the event authority, e.g. an exhibitions authority, an expeditions authority, etc.

Standards, Guidelines + Use Cases


E5 Event
Subclass of: E4 Period
Superclass of: E7 Activity
E63 Beginning of Existence
E64 End of Existence

Scope note: This class comprises changes of states in cultural, social or physical systems, regardless of scale, brought about by a series or group of coherent physical, cultural, technological or legal phenomena. Such changes of state will affect instances of E77 Persistent Item or its subclasses.

The distinction between an E5 Event and an E4 Period is partly a question of the scale of observation. Viewed at a coarse level of detail, an E5 Event is an 'instantaneous' change of state. At a fine level, the E5 Event can be analysed into its component phenomena within a space and time frame, and as such can be seen as an E4 Period. The reverse is not necessarily the case: not all instances of E4 Period give rise to a noteworthy change of state.


  • the birth of Cleopatra (E67)
  • the destruction of Lisbon by earthquake in 1755 (E6)
  • World War II (E7)
  • the Battle of Stalingrad (E7)
  • the Yalta Conference (E7)
  • my birthday celebration 28-6-1995 (E7)
  • the falling of a tile from my roof last Sunday
  • the CIDOC Conference 2003 (E7)


Service Descriptions


Collecting Event Authority Schema

Exhibition Authority Schema

User Story Summaries

SMK Exhibition Requirements

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