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Technical Team

The Technical Team is comprised of the UI, Application, and Services developers. This section contains some documentation about what has been built so far.

Design Team

The UI Design Team page details the philosophy behind user-centered design, understanding the CollectionSpace user, and wireframes of the functionality which guide the UI development.

Functional Team

This section details the functional requirements that have been and are being gathered from current and future CollectionSpace users as well as other people in the industry.

New Design and Development Process

The team worked to create a process that would streamline development, more efficiently use our resources and our time, and facilitate better communication and collaboration. This process was introduced in October, 2010.

Process Around External Contributions of Code

This page details our current approach to the process around developers outside the core development team contributing code back to the project.   This work is being tested in 2012 as part of a National Leadership Grant from IMLS. 

Process for gaining Commit Access

This process details how a developer gains commit access to the source code repository and what is expected of them when they do.

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