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Current Release

The Current CollectionSpace release is:  Release 5.0

The next proposed release, currently under development, is:  Release 5.1

We'd like to hear what you think of CollectionSpace. What do you think of the installation process? Are you able to replicate your daily work flow in CollectionSpace? What works well and what would you like to see changed?

Please give us your feedback on specific releases.

Public Releases

Release notes for public releases of CollectionSpace:

Release 5.0

Release 4.4

Release 4.3
Release 4.2

Release 4.1
Release 4.0
Release 3.3
Release 3.2.2
Release 3.2.1
Release 3.2
Release 3.0
Release 2.5
Release 2.0

Internal Releases

Release notes for internal project releases that incorporated bug fixes and new functionality, but did not go through full regression testing.

CollectionSpace Phase III

Release 3.1
Release 2.7
Release 2.6
Release 2.4
Release 2.3
Release 2.2
Release 2.1

CollectionSpace Phase II

Release 1.12
Release 1.11
Release 1.9
Release 1.8
Release 1.7
Release 1.6
Release 1.5
Release 1.4
Release 1.3
Release 1.2
Release 1.1
Release 1.0