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SCHEMA (Excel version here)

CSpace Information Group Extension Field NameCSpace Field Definition CSpace Field IDCSpace Field Type Field Repeatable? Group Repeatable? Default Controlled List Contents
Cultural Care InformationCultural care notes  Text   
 Access limitations      
 Type  Controlled listNoYesdisplay/visual; handling:gender; handling:other; lending; publication; research/access; storage; treatment; unknown
 Level  Controlled listNo preference; recommendation; restriction; unknown
 Details  TextNo  
 Requestor (person)  Person AuthorityNo  
 On behalf of (organization)  Organization AuthorityNo  
 Date  Calendar dateNo  
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  1. Have the Cultural care notes and associated requestor/date/org etc be a repeatable set of fields. That way multiple suggestions can be captured over time from different people. This is crucial as it is usually the case that there may be different viewpoints from within the same group about handling of a specific item.

  2. Having the option to make cultural care visible or not visible to certain security levels in the database is helpful. For example, separating out the cultural care specifically into a tab (or area) that only individuals with high level clearance have access to edit and view allows for the entry of confidential information. Then having a radio box/ check box that toggles whether that information is visible in another area. General collections folks/volunteers/etc may not be allowed to see highly sensitive cultural information. I had a setup in our EMu design where the specific info was entered in one tab, that tab was only visible to certain people, a box was clicked to then indicate on the object landing page/summary/somewhere else in the object record that the object was culturally sensitive / required special handling and to "see the Collections Manager" or something similar.

    For entities which have the ability to store highly sensitive collections in a separate room or a human remains room, having a box or a line which can be checked off saying "house in culturally sensitive storage room" and the same indicators of requestor/org/date etc.

    Having a similar setup for contaminated items is helpful as well. Any poisons/metals/materials testing is captured on another tab, but there is a checkbox that comes over to the main object page showing that the object has been found positive for something and to handle with care.


    Another field for the cultural handling could be a link to a group/activity such as a nagpra consultation or something that tracks group activities/visits so that it is easier to pull up all the comments made during a single visit for example all at once.