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CollectionSpace Profile Schema and Extension Inventory

The CollectionSpace community represents a wide range of domains. In order to facilitate adoption among these disparate domains, we have developed a set of recommended configurations and extensions. An extension is a group of fields added to a procedure or authority to support the work of a specific domain, such as fine art or anthropology. A group of procedures, authorities, and extensions combined to support the work of a specific domain are referred to as that community's profile. Often, procedures and authorities within the profile may be configured, or slightly changed, to better support the needs of that domain.

In the below table, the columns each represent an available CollectionSpace profile. The COMMON profile includes those fields and procedures common to most collecting organizations. Moving along the columns, each domain-specific profile includes a list of all available procedures, whether they have been configured to support the domain or just use the common schema, and whether they include any extensions. 

The profiles are merely a starting point, or template, for your installation. Additional institution-specific configuration may be done, and extensions may be added to any profile or implementation - not just those where they're noted on this table.



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Available extensions:


accession attributes

accession use

cultural care

determination history


variable media

cataloging: common

cataloging: anthropology config

annotation extension

cultural care extension

determination history extension (anthro config)

NAGPRA compliance extension


cataloging: bonsai config

accession attributes extension (bonsai config)

cataloging: botanical garden config

annotation extension

accession attributes extension

accession use extension

determination history extension

locality extension


cataloging: fcart config

variable media extension

cataloging: herbarium config

determination history extension

locality extension

cataloging: lhmc config

cultural care extension

cataloging: material config
Acquisitionacquisition: commonacquisition: commonacquisition: commonn/aacquisition: fcart confign/aacquisition: lhmc configacquisition: material config

Condition Check

Available extensions: variable media

condition check: commoncondition check: commoncondition check: bonsai confign/a

condition check: common

variable media extension

condition check: commoncondition check: lhmc confign/a

Conservation Documentation

Available extensions: living plant

conservation: commonconservation: common

conservation: bonsai config

living plant extension

n/aconservation: commonn/aconservation: commonn/a
Exhibition Planningexhibition: commonexhibition: commonexhibition: bonsai confign/aexhibition: commonexhibition: commonexhibition: lhmc confign/a
Groupgroup: commongroup: commongroup: common  group: commongroup: common  group: common  group: common  group: common  
Intakeintake: commonintake: commonintake: common  intake: commonintake: fcart configintake: common  intake: lhmc confign/a

Loan In

Available extensions: items transferred out;

items returned

loan in: commonloans in: commonloan in: common  n/aloan in: common  

loans in: herbarium config

items transferred out extension

items returned extension

loan in: lhmc confign/a

Loan Out

Available extensions: loan out items

loan return items

loan transfer


loan out: commonloans out: commonloan out: common  loan out called voucher: bot garden configloan out: common  

loans out: herbarium config

loan out items extension

loan return items extension

loan transfer extension

loan out: lhmc config

transport extension

loan out: material config
L/M/Ilocation: commonlocation: commonlocation: common  location called current location: bot garden configlocation: common  location: common  location: lhmc configlocation: material config
Media Handlingmedia handling: commonmedia handling: commonmedia handling: common  media handling: commonmedia handling: common  media handling: common  media handling: common  media handling: material config
Claims managementclaims management: commonclaims management called NAGPRA claims management: anthro confign/an/an/an/an/an/a
Object Exitobject exit: commonobject exit: commonobject exit: common  object exit called distribution: bot garden configobject exit: common  n/aobject exit: common  object exit: common  
Pot Tagn/an/an/apot tag: commonn/an/an/an/a
Propagationn/an/an/apropagation: commonn/an/an/an/a
Valuationvaluation: commonvaluation: commonvaluation: common  n/avaluation: common  valuation: common  valuation: common  n/a
Citation Authoritycitation: commoncitation: commoncitation: common  n/acitation: common  citation: common  citation: common  citation: common  
Concept Authorityconcept: commonconcept: commonconcept: common  concept: common

concept: common 

fcart extension 

concept: common  concept: common  concept: common  
Material Authorityn/an/an/an/an/an/an/amaterial: common
Organization Authorityorganization: commonorganization: commonorganization: common  organization: commonorganization: common  organization: common  organization: common  organization: common  
Person Authorityperson: commonperson: commonperson: common  person: commonperson: common  person: common  person: lhmc configperson: material config
Place Authorityplace: commonplace: commonplace: common  place: commonplace: common  place: common  place: lhmc configplace: common  
Storage Location Authoritystorage location: commonstorage location: commonstorage location: common  storage location: commonstorage location: common  storage location: common  storage location: common  storage location: material config
Taxon Authorityn/ataxon: commontaxon: commontaxon: commonn/ataxon: herbarium configtaxon: common  n/a
Work Authoritywork: commonn/awork: common  n/awork: common  work: common  n/awork: common  



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