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About Us

The CollectionSpace Services Team at UC Berkeley was one of three distributed Technical Teams working on the CollectionSpace project. This team came from the IST-Data Services group at U.C. Berkeley, which drove service oriented architecture(SOA) analysis, modeling and development. Patrick Schmitz was the technical lead for this work. Much of the email discussion around services design and definition took place on the now defunct SOA-Tech mailing list.

The CollectionSpace Service Layer

An overview of the services currently available in the CollectionSpace Service Layer.

CollectionSpace Services - Technical Documentation

Development Planning and Tracking

Attached documents identifying work assignments among the team's members:

  File Modified
Microsoft Excel Sheet Service work weights and assignments.xls Added status column, updated my status Jan 28, 2009 by Patrick Schmitz

Design Meetings

Risks and Issues

This is a place for project-wide risks and issues.

Technical Risks and Issues
  1. We need more detailed user-stories/use-cases to create sprint tasks
  2. Nuxeo Integration
Project Management Risks and Issues
  1. Sprint task tracking in Jira - will it work?
  2. We have only part-time project management support, so overhead needs to be low.
Other Technical Documentation
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