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The team completed High-level system architecture: Services, application and UX frameworks, List of candidate services, Dominant application metaphor
Design + development methodologies.

First half of 2009

The team completed Service Description Repository, Object Entry Wireframes and User Testing, and UI Development Overview. They also released version 0.1 of CollectionSpace.

Second half of 2009

In CollectionSpace, the team implemented Object Entry/Intake, Cataloging, Acquisition, Vocabulary Management, Identification Numbers, Search, Authentication

First half of 2010

In CollectionSpace, the team continued the implementation of Vocabulary Management, and also implemented Authorization, Loans In, Loans Out, and Configuration, Started Media Handling, continued Configuration, Valuation, Insurance, Rights

Targeted for Second half of 2010

In CollectionSpace, the team implemented Roles and Responsibilities, and Location and Movement Control.
Pending design and scope review, these items are targeted for the later part of the year - Reporting, Personalization, Help, Collections Exposure, Object Exit, Condition, Conservation, and continued work on Media Handling

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