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Must Have Functionality (v1)

1. Search
a. User may search for object records via a combination of dropdowns, checkboxes, and free-text entry fields
b. User may limit searches to only those items which have images
c. User may select a button to clear search parameters (start new search)

2. Search results display
a. User may view search results as thumbnails with accompanying text
b. User may refine a search to further narrow results
c. User may return to existing search results after viewing an object record

3. Object record information
a. User may view individual object records by selecting a search result
b. User may move "forward" and "backward" to see all returned object records
c. User may pivot to another search by selecting hyperlinks within an object record

4. Authority term record information
a. User may view authority term records by pivoting from an object record
b. User may view all records related to an authority term record


Landing page

Object page

Authority page

Out of Scope Functionality (v1)

1. User accounts, logins, saved searches, and personal collections
2. User feedback or comments on object records
3. E-commerce for media (either rights & reproductions or "put this on a mouse pad")


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