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The management of system access, including user account creation, and login and password management. See Roles and Permissions Requirements for additional information about authorization.


The system should allow a user to:

  • Login to the system using a user name and password
  • Retrieve a missing password
  • Change a password

The system should allow a system administrator to:

  • Create user accounts, including login name, password, and appropriate roles and permissions authorizations
  • Activate and deactivate user accounts
  • Set time boundaries to user accounts (e.g. 06/08/09-08/14/09 for summer interns)
  • Set regular password reset requirements
  • Create rules/guidelines for password creation

Standards, Guidelines + Use Cases

Use Cases and Community Design Workshop Notes


Wireframes - Administration - Roles and Permissions


Authentication Service


User Story Summaries

Authentication and Authorization User Story Summary