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The early adopters of CollectionSpace represent a range of different museum communities of practice. In order to facilitate adoption that takes advantage of this initial work on configuration, schema extensions, and in some cases customization, we have developed a set of recommended domain extensions and profilesdomain extension is a group of fields added to a procedure or authority to support the work of a specific community of practice, such as fine art or anthropology. Extensions to more than one procedure or authority are referred to collectively as extension setsA group of procedures, authorities, and domain extensions combined to support the work of a specific community of practice are referred to as that community's profile. Often, procedures and authorities within the profile may be configured, or slightly changed, to better support the needs of that community of practice.

Anthropology Extension Set and Profile

The CollectionSpace DRAFT anthropology extension set and profile is based on work done by the Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology as part of their CollectionSpace implementation. Several extensions for Cataloging have been created, including cultural care, NAGPRA status, and determination history; these extensions can be viewed via the maps linked below. In addition, a new procedure designed to manage the NAGPRA claims process has been created. The next step in the process is taking these draft maps and sharing them with the wider anthropology community in order to:

  • ensure that the majority of fields necessary to properly document and manage an anthropology collection are present
  • ensure that fields that are in the CollectionSpace common data model but not relevant to anthropology collections are removed
  • ensure that deployment-specific fields, useful only to the organization originating the extension set are removed (in this case, the Hearst)

How to Review and Comment

  1. Visit the Review and Comment wiki page for each extension
  2. Review the fields present, and ask the following questions in relation to your organization:
    1. Is this extension necessary to manage our collections?
    2. If so, are all the fields needed to manage our collection present? If not, what would we need to add?
    3. Are there field that are not useful? If so, what would we delete?
  3. Contribute your comments directly via the comment box at the bottom of the wiki page
  4. Stay tuned for further iterations as community critiques are factored in

Extension Name

Review and Comment Page

Cataloging - Cultural Care Extension Only

Cultural Care Extension Review and Comment Page

Cataloging - Determination History Extension OnlyDetermination History Extension Review and Comment Page (Anthro)
Cataloging - NAGPRA and Object Status Extension OnlyNAGPRA and Object Status Extension Review and Comment Page
Cataloging - Annotation Extension OnlyAnnotation Extension Review and Comment Page (Anthro)
Cataloging - Common Fields + All ExtensionsCataloging Review and Comment Page
Collecting Event AuthorityCollecting Event Authority Review and Comment Page
NAGPRA Claims ManagementNAGPRA Management Procedure Review and Comment Page
OsteologyOsteology Review and Comment Page

Additional Procedures and Authorities; No Extensions Recommended

Procedures and Authorities not Recommended for the Anthropology Profile

Procedure or Authority Name

Configuration and Data Maps

Work Authority

Configuration and Data Map - Work Authority

Data and Configuration Maps

To learn more about how CollectionSpace Data and Configuration Maps are formatted, visit the Configuration and Data Map Templates page.

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