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User Story

An administrator may create, edit, or delete a role via the roles and permissions section of the administration menu. See below user stories for specific types of roles that may be created and edited in CollectionSpace 1.0.


UI -> Service mapping

Access -> Read

Write -> Create, Read, Update

Delete -> Delete

Read Only -> Read, No Update, No Delete

Note: For Read-Only permissions, the App layer would have to render pages only after checking if the user also has Update and/or Delete permissions at the service layer. ReadOnly permission enforcement would require the following 3 permission enforcements in the App layer:

  • Check if READ is allowed but also ...
  • make sure UPDATE is not allowed AND
  • make sure DELETE is not allowed

Dan has mentioned in the earlier STIM on this topic that, the app layer would perform its own access control check. Sanjay’s interpretation: when it comes to controlling the access on UI-owned resources such as pages, widgets, etc., the App layer would enforce additional access control.

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