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As part of the recently awarded Mellon Foundation grant I'm excited to begin a year-long effort to rewrite the CollectionSpace user interface, with technical support from Richard and the Technical Working Group, and functional guidance from Megan and the Functional Working Group. In short, we're aiming to make it easier for developers to customize and extend CollectionSpace, while providing a more responsive and productive experience for end users.


This work will build on the prototype completed early last year, which is a proof-of-concept using the React JavaScript library. The original proposal from February 2015 outlines the motivation for this work, and describes some of the technology that was used. The prototype itself is live, with the ability to create, search, and update object records. (Enter * in the search box to list all records). The result of last year's work was presented to the Technical Working Group in April of 2015.

Stay Tuned!

You can follow the rewrite issue-by-issue in JIRA, in the project code-named Drydock.

I'll be writing regular blog posts to keep you updated on our progress, and so you'll know what to expect when we're done. In the next few posts I'll cover the lessons learned from the prototype phase, which will influence the work to come.

Your opinions will also influence the work to come, so please keep an eye on these posts, and raise your questions and concerns with me, Richard, Megan, and the Talk list.