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Stated goals of current Mellon-funded project

  1. Establish an independent organizational home for CollectionSpace at LYRASIS

  2. Establish a community-based governance model

  3. Foster adoption, use, and continued community development of the software

  4. Establish revenue and operating models that will provide for self-sustainability of the CollectionSpace software and organizational home

Q1 2016 90 Day Sprint Goals 

  • Mini-grant program

    • Complete award of all mini-grants & manage progress

  • Membership

    • Push for membership commitments from all existing implementers

    • Manage membership from mini-grantees

    • Strengthen messaging around membership, update materials if necessary

    • Complete membership fee restructuring

  • Outreach

    • CNI planning / academic outreach


    • Kickoff consortium/professional org outreach planning w/Leigh

    • Kickoff registered service provider outreach planning w/Hannah

    • WESTAF

    • Peer-to-peer / Domain-based

  • Consulting

    • Kickoff HGSD/RISD consulting work

    • Create resource on website for CSpace program team consulting

  • Grant writing

    • Complete Mellon grant for FY17-18

  • Profiles

    • Complete design work on LHMC, Anthro, Bot Garden, and Herbarium

  • Development

    • Release 4.3 (Elasticsearch support, Amazon S3 support, Nuxeo updates)

    • Begin work on v4.4 release (final profiles for LHMC, Anthro, Bot Garden, and Herbarium)

  • Governance

    • Engagement / LGA to finish first round of outreach

    • What is the trajectory - new members, finalize operating principles for each WG

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