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CollectionSpace Q4 2015 90 Day Sprint Overview

(Full Doc Here)

Stated goals of current Mellon-funded project

  1. Establish an independent organizational home for CollectionSpace at LYRASIS

  2. Establish a community-based governance model

  3. Foster adoption, use, and continued community development of the software

  4. Establish revenue and operating models that will provide for self-sustainability of the CollectionSpace software and organizational home

90 Day Sprint Goals 

  • Increase installs and members

  • Evaluate and improve sustainability plan

  • Strengthen and add to board / leadership working group

What will we learn?

  • How receptive the market is to CSpace in its present form

  • What it takes to close partners, members, and adopters

  • How to leverage LYR trustees, current users, the tech community, etc.

  • If the market is not receptive, what is needed? What are the costs?

  • What is the competition? How do we measure up?

  • Confirm/refute Thanos report

  • Are we in a cycle of CMS/IT evaluation for museums?

90 Day Sprint Methodology


  • LYRASIS Board

  • LYRASIS Members / Members with collections (special collections, museums, galleries)

  • Communities of Practice: Fine and Contemporary Art, Local History and Material Culture, Anthropology, Herbaria, Botanical Gardens

  • CSpace Working Group Networks

  • CSpace Implementer Networks (Outreach 101 TK)

  • CSpace pipeline

  • LYRASIS DTS pipeline


We’re extending an invitation to join the community, via:

Extended talking points here.


  • Face-to-Face: conference attendance/presentation, workshops, CollectionSpace in Your Town (Philly, Indy, Denver), visits to organizations geographically close to staff

  • Virtual: walkthroughs, open houses, tech talks. Targeted webinars to specific communities, on specific topics.

  • Old-fashioned: Phone calls to personal contacts, colleagues, LYRASIS board members Improvements

  • Persona development to better support messages to diverse constituents

  • Improved materials around demo/sandboxes

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