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Reference Information

Reference documentation for CollectionSpace provides supporting information and requirements for CollectionSpace. Here you'll find general information, which is often referenced from multiple documentation pages.

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Reference documents include:

Document Title


System Requirements for a CollectionSpace Server

Identifies the operating systems supported by CollectionSpace and hardware and software requirements for running a CollectionSpace server.

Supported Browsers

Identifies the web browsers supported by CollectionSpace.

Server Startup

Explains how to start the CollectionSpace Servers. This is system administrator/developer level documentation.

Server Shutdown

Explains how to shut down the CollectionSpace Servers. This is system administrator/developer level documentation.

Source Code Checkout

Describes how to check out (download) CollectionSpace's source code, so that you can install, configure or customize parts of CollectionSpace. This is implementer/developer level documentation.

IdentifiersDescribes some of the important identifiers used in CollectionSpace systems, to identify or refer to records.

CollectionSpace Glossary

The glossary provides a list of terms used in the CollectionSpace application and documentation.

SPECTRUM Standards

SPECTRUM is an international standard for collections management that has guided many functionality decisions in CollectionSpace.

Logos and Style GuideDescribes how to use the CollectionSpace logo in branding, and offers downloadable copies of the logo.
Outreach MaterialsContains PDFs of commonly used CSpace handouts
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