This documentation relates to an earlier CollectionSpace version.

This documentation is for version 2.2. The current version is 4.4.
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Using CollectionSpace

People new to CollectionSpace can get a good sense of how it works from the demo available on the CollectionSpace website. The User Manual describes how to use CollectionSpace 2.0 to manage your collection. You will find additional documentation in this table that describes functionality added after Release 1.0.

Document Title


User Manual

Describes the functionality within CollectionSpace and how to use it to manage your collection.

Supported Browsers

Identifies the web browsers supported by CollectionSpace

How to add, edit, delete, and find user accounts

Describes how to add/edit/delete and search user accounts.

How a user resets their password

Describes how to reset a user password.

How to add, edit, and delete user roles and permissions

Describes how to add/create/edit/delete or grant permissions to a user role.

How to add, edit and remove terms of a term list

Describes how to add/edit/remove terms from a term list.

How to add a new canned report

Describes how to add and run a generic report.

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