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This documentation is for version 2.1. The current version is 4.4.
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CollectionSpace is a web based, open source collections management and information system for museums and other collecting institutions. In the left sidebar, you can find links to the currently available documentation for implementers. We have plans to create more and will be added as soon as it has completed the review process.

Please feel free to comment in the CollectionSpace Forums if there is documentation you would like to see in the future. For more information about how CollectionSpace is licensed, please refer to our ECL licensing page.

Release Notes

Release Notes for version 2.1
Release Notes for all versions

Using CollectionSpace

If you are new to CollectionSpace, you can get a good sense of how it works from the demo available on the CollectionSpace website. The User Manual describes how to use CollectionSpace 2.0 to manage your collection. You will find additional documentation that describes functionality added after Release 2.0.

Installing CollectionSpace

CollectionSpace is installed on a server and accessed using a web browser. No software needs to be installed on your users' computers. You can find general installation instructions that apply to all supported environments, as well as detailed installation instructions for several specific platforms. Detailed installation instructions for additional platforms will also be added over time.

Configuring CollectionSpace


Need to elaborate on difference between developer and implementor documentation. Need to clarify not just what we mean by dev vs. implementer, but also when someone might want to use one set of documentation over the other (because they're not exclusive distinctions).

Documents in this section are designed for implementors and system administrators. Many CollectionSpace customizations can be made here.

You can adapt CollectionSpace for the specific needs of your institution via:

  • Configuration, changing the behavior and the look and feel of the system by making changes on web-based Administration pages and by editing text files (HTML templates, CSS stylesheets, various configuration files, etc.) that control its behavior and appearance.
  • Customization, extending the system's functionality by adding or editing Java and JavaScript source code.

The Configuring CollectionSpace documentation describes how to configure the system.

Developing for CollectionSpace

Documents in this section are designed for CollectionSpace developers and coders.

Reference Information

Reference documentation contains supporting information and requirements for CollectionSpace.

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