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This documentation is for version 2.0. The current version is 4.4.
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What is a Instance

Instances are used when creating authority records e.g. person, organization
An authority can have multiple instances. E.g. Person could have instances person-actors, person-actress, person-directors

Where are Instance

Instances are part of the record element of the cspace-config

Structure of Instances


attributes: id

  • string
  • no default, required field
  • used to reference this instance when used in fields e.g. autocomplete="{instance id}"

attributes: ui-type

  • string
  • default "plain"


  • string
  • default id
  • url used by the UI to access this authority instance e.g. /chain/vocabularies/{web-url}
    • must be unique across all authority instances


  • string
  • default id
  • short identifier for this instance
    • must be unique across all authority instances


  • string
  • default id
  • displayName of this instance in the service layer


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