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<p><h2>Toronto Workshop</h2></p>

<p><h2>Museum & the Web </h2><br/>

<p><h4>An Interactive And Customizable Learning Environment for Various User Needs: Danish German Virtual Museum Project</h4><br/>
<p><em>Jonas Granlie, Denmark, Kay Macquarrie, Germany</em></p></p>

<p><h4>Building an adaptive museum gallery in Second Life</h4><br/>
<p><em>Ion Androutsopoulos, George Karakatsiotis, Greece, Jon Oberlander, Scotland, Amy Isard, United Kingdom</em></p></p>

<p><h4>Be Your Own Curator with the CHIP Tour Wizard</h4><br/>
<p><em>Lora Aroyo, Peter Gorgels, Lloyd Rutledge, Rody Sambeek, Yuri Schuurmans, Natalia Stash, Yiwen Wang, The Netherlands</em></p></p>

<p><h3>Aggregating Museum Data: User Issues</h3></p>

<p><h4>Exploring museum collections online: the quantitative method</h4><br/>
<p><em>Frankie Roberto, United Kingdom</em></p></p>

<p><h4>Uniting the shanty towns - data combining across multiple institutions</h4><br/>
<p><em>Sebastian Chan, Australia</em></p></p>

<p><h3>User Generated Contents</h3><br/>
<h4>The Art of Storytelling: Enriching Art Museum Exhibits and Education through visitor narratives</h4><br/>
<p><em>Matthew Fisher, Alexandra Sastre, Beth Twiss-Garrity, USA</em></p></p>

<p><h4>The Living Museum: Supporting the Creation of Quality User-Generated Content</h4><br/>
<p><em>Allison Farber, Paul Radensky, USA</em></p></p>

<p><h4>Getting 'In Your Face': Strategies for Encouraging Creativity, Engagement and Investment When the Museum is Offline</h4><br/>
<p><em>Martin Lajoie, Gillian McIntyre, Ian Rubenzahl, Colin Wiginton, Canada</em></p></p>

<p><h2>New York Workshop</h2></p>