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CollectionSpace offers to its authors and community a variety of online resources for communicating, coordinating, tracking and verifying work on the project, as described below.

An online aggregation portal for conveniently viewing recent activity across a number of these resources is also available.


CollectionSpace uses three wiki spaces for project coordination and planning, implementation planning, and documentation. For more details, please see Wikis.

Issue Tracking

CollectionSpace is using Atlassian JIRA to track and manage a variety of issues and planned work, such as bug reports, project issues, and tasks. For more details, please see Issue Tracking.

Source Code Repository

CollectionSpace's source code is managed via the open source Git version control system, in publicly-accessible repositories on the cloud-based GitHub application.

For more details, please see Source Code Repository.

Continuous Integration Service

CollectionSpace is running an instance of an Bamboo server, to provide a continuous integration service. Whenever new code is checked in, this service can run a build using that code and optionally run tests against the build. For more details, please see Continuous Integration Service.

Project Maven Repository

The CollectionSpace project team manages a project Maven repository. This repository is used to publish some of the CollectionSpace project's build artifacts (e.g. POM and JAR files), as well as to cache similar build artifacts, such as from third party libraries, on which the project is dependent. For more details, please see Project Maven Repository.

IRC Channel

The CollectionSpace Project team uses an IRC channel on Freenode for "live" (real-time) collaborative discussions. Anyone interested in the project is welcome to join the channel and participate in the discussions. For more details, please see IRC Channel.

Hosting - Releases and Deployment

CollectionSpace is managing a number of servers that host demos, early-stage deployments, and project resources. For more details, please see Hosting - Releases and Deployment.