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The CollectionSpace Project team uses an IRC channel for collaborative discussions. Anyone interested in the project is welcome to join the channel and participate in the discussions.

CollectionSpace IRC Room

IRC Client for Mac: Colloquy
IRC Client for PC: Pidgin

Live IRC channel chat logs are available.

The IRC channel is logged in the CollectionSpace wiki regularly.

View our archived IRC channel logs.

freenode channel #collectionspace is actively being logged and all chat logs are posted to this wiki!


Logs maintained by internal instance of Jibble logbot. Proper notification of channel logging is given at time of entering #collectionspace.

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  1. To get into the IRC using Pidgin:

    Once you’ve downloaded/installed Pidgin, open it up (it usually appears on the lower right corner of my desktop, the icon is a little white square with a green circle over it). This will open your “Buddy List.” From there, go to the menu Accounts > Manage Accounts. Once there, select “Add” and choose “IRC” from the Protocol dropdown. The server is – you might have to include a username and password.

    Once you’ve added that account, go back to your buddy list and go to Buddies > Join a Chat. Select your username from the Account dropdown, and enter #collectionspace into the room name. Your handle is what you’ll be seen as in the room. Select join, and you should be in.