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Project Description

CollectionSpace is a collaboration that brings together a variety of cultural and academic institutions with the common goal of developing and deploying an open-source, web-based software application for the description, management, and dissemination of museum collections information. This report includes an update on the project team's activities for January and February 2010. The next update will be released Friday, March 5th.

Updates are emailed to the Announcements list and posted to the project wiki and website the first Friday of every month.

Release 0.4 and 0.5

The CollectionSpace project team is pleased to announce the release of CollectionSpace 0.4, which allows users to search for object, intake, and acquisition records, view search results, view and pivot to related records, add terms from the name authority to a record, add dimensions, and add calendar dates. Non-functioning elements of the interface appear in gray. To access the demo, use login: guest and password: guest.

This release builds on the 0.3 release, which included support for acquisition, choosing terms from controlled lists, and identification numbers created from patterns.

Try the CollectionSpace 0.4 Demo

The CollectionSpace project team welcomes any and all questions, comments, and critiques of the 0.4 Release. View the Release 0.4 Walkthrough for instructions on using the demo. A feedback page has been created on the project wiki; users can also email to note any bugs, improvement requests, or questions about functionality.

Download and Install Release 0.4

The code for the 0.4 Release is free and publicly available. Visit the project wiki for installation and configuration instructions.

The team is currently working on Release 0.5, which will include support for creating relationships between records, viewing and editing the name authority, and creating and editing new user profiles.


Join team members Carl Goodman, Patrick Schmitz, and Colin Clark at the 2010 Museums and the Web Conference in Denver. Carl, Patrick, and Colin will be on hand to present their paper, "Title here," and answer any questions about CollectionSpace.

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