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CollectionSpace is committed to the principles of user-centered design. We intend to develop environments that match the needs of our users, and software that is accessible and usable. The Adaptive Technology Research Centre at the University of Toronto is the lead partner in this initiative, allowing us to take advantage of the ongoing work of the Fluid project, including the adoption of the Fluid Framework, which will provide us with the means to implement a set of interface components that have been designed to provide universal access. In addition, the work of CollectionSpace will inform future Fluid component development, which will benefit other communities already working with Fluid, thus expanding the use of these components beyond the pilot project.

Design Team Meeting Notes

Notes from the regular Design Team meetings will be archived here.

Design To Do's for 1.0
Style Guide

Defining Scope

The Design Team Roadmap defines short-term and long-term goals with respect to the larger CollectionSpace project roadmap.

Understanding the User

Personas + Contextual Inquiries help to put human characteristics on abstract definitions of perceived user roles and interactions. Personas are fictional characters used to help define of the goals and behaviors of a generalized users types. Contextual inquiries are "in the wild" observations and interviews of a selected group of real users within the context of their work.

Understanding the User Needs

Workflow Analysis explores a core subset of eight SPECTRUM procedures in order to create elegant and intuitive user workflows. This section includes procedural workflow diagrams, and a User Interface Map.




A wide range of wireframes are being developed.

Records and other data entry pages
Interaction and flow of screens

Look and Feel

Look and Feel explorations as applied to wireframes. These are experimental in scope and do not necessarily reflect the most up to date wireframe development.

The page Look and Feel - Pages could not be found.

User Testing

Demographic Questionnaire
User Testing - Create New Object 1
User Testing - Create New Object 2
User Testing - Create New Object 3
User Testing - Getty July 2009

Getting feedback from the users

Preparing for Implementation


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